Keeping your Home Secure

For many of us these days we want to make sure that we feel secure in our own home. Yet it seems that even now few of us take the appropriate measures to ensure that we are properly securing our home. So on this hub, I’d like to tackle the subject of keeping your home secure from burglary and home invasion.

If you are someone who is looking for answers to this then you’ve come to the right place. Below I offer a few simple tips you can use to help make your home more secure.

Tip 1 – Find A Good Alarm System

Today the cost of finding a good alarm system is between $100 and $1,200. This depends on the size of your home and how sophisticated a system you want. Along with the price for installing the system you also need to factor in the cost of having it monitored. Prices can vary but on average expect to pay about $35 a month for constant monitoring with companies like ADT, Protection 1, Frontpoint and

When choosing your system choose one that comes with a control panel that is separate from the key pad. If they are together an intruder will often find it easier to override the system before the alarm is triggered.

Tip 2 – Install Smart Lights Inside And Out

Installation of lighting makes harder it for intruders to gain access to your home. Consider fitting motion detectors outside along with floodlights and security lighting. These lights should be located close to any points of entry to your home, such as doors and windows. Also installation of a security camera is a great idea.

When away from your home use timers so that lights can be set to come on and go off at certain times. This will still give the impression that you are at home.

Tip 3 – Keep Access To Keys To A Minimum

Fitting more than one lock to a door can make it harder for intruders to get access to your home. When it comes to keeping your home secure from burglary and home invasion you should also be careful who you give keys to. If you have a cleaner or someone who walks your dog for you then only provide them with one key to one door. Then, should they lose it or misplace it, the intruder won’t have access to other locks.

Tip 4 – Get To Know Your Neighbors

Of all the tips on securing your home, this is one of the best. Those you know are more likely to call you or the police if they notice something unusual happening at your home. Remember there is strength in numbers!

Should you be away for any length of time let your (trusted) neighbors know. Should they notice anything suspicious while you are away they will hopefully report it. Also why not ask them to take in any mail or remove anything from your doorstep. It will help to prevent would-be intruders from learning that you aren’t home.