Shotgun for Home Defense

With home defense and protecting your home there’s a few things you need to think about you know proper training proper mindset and proper gear let’s start off with proper gear my recommendation is a shotgun the reason is because the wider shot pattern it gives me more of a chance of being able to hit my target to eliminate the threat when I need to in my Adrenaline’s high and it’s not a situation that I’m used to number two is the over penetration with a shotgun more than likely a wall is going to stop it it’s not going to go through and hit a loved one in another room sleeping somewhere so when also thinking about gear we need to be able to see the target for you to be able to make sure that the threats legitimate and we need to be able to differentiate of what’s behind it so we don’t shoot a loved one with the dedicated shotgun for in light it comes with two output settings the 600 and the 200 lumen output it also has ambidextrous buttons that’s good for a left-handed or right-handed shooter but these two button features it has a momentary and a constant on feature they’re both programmable so if you want to switch them back and forth